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Preserving, promoting and sharing the transportation heritage of Red Deer and Central Alberta; passing that heritage to future generations in a sustainable and interactive way through education, advocacy and nurturing a passion for the continuous evolution of trails, railways and transit.



Forth Junction Project Vision
a destination concept
for a proposed major attraction in the Red Deer area based on a theme of commemorating the evolution of trails, trains and transit in a multi-use family park to be administered by a not-for-profit corporation



Sharing Historical Perspective

of historic trails, trains and transit celebrating their roles in the development and settlement of Red Deer and Central Alberta and promoting its preservation assisted by the Forth Junction Heritage Society

Forth Junction Project Vision

Sharing Historical Perspective

Regional Heritage Preservation

Media News
about Forth Junction, transportation heritage
and related subjects

The Forth Junction Heritage Society

Regional Heritage Preservation

Media News

The Forth Junction Heritage Society

from 1911 to 1962,
Forth Junction was the interchange between
the Red Deer-originated Alberta Central Railway and the Calgary and Edmonton Railway, both operated by Canadian Pacific,
representing the north-south, east-west flow of settlement, commerce, industry, agriculture, transportation and entrepreneurship

Next Regular Meeting of Forth Junction Heritage Society
May 16, 2017,
abc Restaurant, Red Deer
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ACR pier at Red Deer   
   Celebrating the Evolution of 
Trails, Trains & Transit
                                in Central Alberta

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