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A time to think big and bold . . .
Red Deer downtown rail yards 1985
Recent initiatives by the city of Red Deer and Red Deer County have presented an unusual opportunity for a world-class visitor and community destination in or close to the city.

From the Greater Downtown Red Deer Action Plan and the Red Deer River Valley and Tributaries Park Concept Plan to Red Deer County's Open Spaces Master Plan, the time is right for a bold and significant visitor destination centre based on Central Alberta's railway network that for 100 years was the centre for the distribution of incoming and outgoing goods in the region and for 60 years was the heart of  communication, social interaction and the movement of people.

historic CPR station downtown Red DeerAs Red Deer celebrated its 100th anniversary as a city in 2013, the area has been looking for a unique, authentic and sustainable visitor magnet to compliment its valued river valley and trail system.

Already preserved in the city are the downtown CPR station, the CPR downtown river bridge and the ACR bridge pier along Taylor Drive.

passengers of steam train excursion in StettlerIn the county, the historic landmark Mintlaw trestle and the former ACR rail right of way between Gasoline Alley and Benalto has been purchased by the municipality. Several other preserved railway structures and equipment are scattered around Central Alberta. An hour's drive from Red Deer will present visitors with a heritage train ride from Stettler to Big Valley.

In downtown Red Deer, a pedestrian-friendly cultural corridor called Alexander Way is being developed with a railway theme linking the historic downtown with the east-side recreation park and eventually to the future redevelopment of the Riverlands and Railyards districts that were once the home of the downtown CPR railyards and plant.

Sorensen Station transit terminal Red DeerThe Central Alberta Historical Society has created 'The Arches', shaped in the form of a railway roundhouse, that highlights and describes the city's railway history.

The city parkade over the Red Deer Transit downtown terminal along Alexander Way has been named Sorensen Station in honour of Central Alberta's most significant transit pioneer.

Red Deer County will eventually move toward enhanced outdoor recreational facilities featuring a regional trail network and celebration of its heritage.

concept drawing of Western Canada Transpo Centre
Therefore, there is a logical opportunity to co-ordinate existing railway, trail and transit features throughout the city and Central Alberta, expand those features, market an integrated regional ground transportation theme and create a major world-class focal point landmark in the heart of Central Alberta's railway network in or near Red Deer that celebrates the significance of the railway in the economic development and settlement of Western Canada.

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