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Business officials laud rail proposals
reprinted from Red Deer Advocate April 19, 2011
Business leaders in Red Deer see proposals for new rail passenger stations in Edmonton and Calgary as a good sign that the province is getting ready to move forward with a high-speed rail project.

Bruce Schollie, president of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, said on Monday that Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach's recent announcement of a possible rail station in Edmonton offers local proponents some hope that the province is moving ahead on high-speed rail.

The City of Calgary has already purchased land for a rail station, so the Edmonton proposal increases the project's momentum, said Schollie.

While there has been some discussion about where a station would be located for Red Deer, including potential to place it at the airport, it's difficult to plan anything without knowing the route the tracks will take, he said.

Schollie also supports others, including Al Kemmere, former reeve of Mountain View County, who have expressed concern that the rail corridor would restrict east-west access for farmers and emergency vehicles.

The province needs to start making land agreements now and planners en route need to know what the route will be so they can be adequately prepared once the project is ready to go, said Schollie.


Chamber pressing high-speed rail plan

reprinted from Red Deer Advocate (Harley Richards) January 21, 2011
The Red Deer Chamber of Commerce is hoping to fast-track high-speed rail.

Urging the Alberta government to move forward with the long-contemplated project is one of six policy resolutions approved by the Chamber board on Wednesday -- setting the stage for the Alberta Chamber of Commerce to potentially adopt that position this spring.

"We don't know where it's at and what's being done, so we'd like to give a little nudge," said Chamber president Bruce Schollie, stressing the importance of the issue to Red Deer.

"It's crucial to us. We want to make sure that our voice is heard when it comes to high-speed rail, because we don't want to be forgotten."

The Chamber resolution asks the provincial government to quickly implement the recommendations in a recent study prepared for the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties.

That study highlighted the importance of identifying a right-of-way for a high-speed rail system between Edmonton and Calgary, so that affected municipalities can plan for it.

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(Forth Junction supports the concept of a future rapid passenger rail service connecting major destinations as efficient and enviro-friendly but is not directly advocating for any specific high speed rail proposal):

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