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Media News Headlines
about Modern and Future Rail Projects

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News articles about modern and future rail projects:

News articles related to regional
modern rail development projects (on both CN and CP lines):

Bowden grain terminal a go
Paterson Grain finalizes all necessary agreements
Mar. 14, 2017, Innisfail Province (Johnnie Bachusky)
Paterson Grain is all in for a springtime build in Bowden. All the regulatory approvals are done, deals are signed, land is purchased and the shovels will soon be in the ground. "We are full steam ahead. All the necessary approvals are now in place with the county, Alberta Transportation, and we're closing the deal on the land purchase," said Shane Paterson, the grain handling company's corporate development officer. "We are
Innisfail grain terminal put on the back burner
Sept. 14, 2016, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
A proposed GrainsConnect Canada terminal near Innisfail is on the back burner. In February, the company announced plans for a $30-million handling facility just north of Innisfail at Niobe, where the company already has grain elevators through its ownership of Canada Malting. The 35,000-tonne capacity terminal would offload a 135-car train in 10 hours. Construction was to have started in April. GrainsConnect president Warren Stow

Niobe grain terminal project in trouble
GrainsConnect Canada redirects focus to Saskatchewan while local plans put in limbo
Aug. 23, 2016, Innisfail Province (Johnnie Bachusky)
The highly anticipated high-throughput grain terminal planned for Niobe is now in jeopardy of being derailed. The $30 to $40 million project, a kilometre north of Innisfail, was announced by GrainsConnect Canada last winter. Construction for the massive inland grain terminal was originally scheduled to start this year, with the project going online in 2017. However, GrainsConnect, a new player in the grain handling industry, has put the

Bowden snares $25M export terminal
March 18, 2016, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
Agriculture is providing some welcome good news in Central Alberta. Winnipeg-based Paterson Grain has just announced its plans to build a $25-million export terminal near Bowden with 55,000 tonnes of capacity and a high-speed unloading system that can empty 150 railcars in seven hours. It is the second grain terminal mega-project unveiled in a month. GrainsConnect Canada is proposing to build its own giant grain-handling
News of Niobe grain terminal earns big applause
Feb. 23, 2016, Innisfail Province (Johnnie Bachusky)
Mayor Brian Spiller says it will be just like the good old days. Innisfail will once again see regular faces from the farm stopping in town for a coffee or to shop after dropping off grain at the massive grain terminal at Niobe, a facility that will open before the harvest of 2017 with a promise to dramatically improve the fortunes of regional farmers, as well as for local merchants. "That was back when mom and dad and the kids would come in by

Nova settles concerns over rail yard expansion
June 20, 2013, Red Deer Advocate (Harley Richards)
Concerns about the impact of Nova Chemicals Corp. expanding the rail facilities at its Joffre complex appear to have been addressed. A March 14 decision by Lacombe County's municipal planning commission to allow the petrochemical company to add new track and rail car storage facilities to the site was upheld by the county's subdivision and development appeal board on Wednesday. The commission's approval had been appealed
Rail traffic to jump
Rail yard being added at Nova Chemicals at Joffre
Feb. 15, 2013, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
Rail traffic at the Nova Chemicals complex in Joffre will be boosted by about 30 per cent as part of a proposed polyethylene plant expansion. A rail yard with room for 450 cars will be added on the west side of the existing yards, which will also be expanded to make room for almost 100 more cars. The additional rail traffic created means Nova will have to drop a self-imposed 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in its rail yards. The curfew was
Dow takes on feedstock in $41 million expansion
Dow Chemical Canada Inc. is planning a $41-million expansion at its Prentiss polyethylene plant
April 29, 2011, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
The project to be built over two years will see new rail lines added and additional equipment installed to produce new grades of polyethylene using butene as feedstock. Construction is expected to begin next month and the first phase will wrap up in October. A second phase will be built between May and October next year. Construction will create 25 to 50 temporary jobs this year and 150 to 200 similar jobs next year. Once
Rail link needs rezoning
March 24, 2010, Red Deer Advocate
Parkland Refining Ltd. wants to rezone nearly 14 acres to build a rail spur to its refinery and tank farm just north of Bowden. Red Deer County council granted first reading to a bylaw to adopt a proposed area structure plan necessary to make way for the project to build a rail spur off the nearby Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. line. To prepare for the tracks, 14 acres of Parkland-owned land must be rezoned to heavy industrial. The project,

News articles related to high speed rail

(Forth Junction supports the concept of a future rapid passenger rail service connecting major destinations as efficient and enviro-friendly but is not directly advocating for any specific high speed rail proposal):

       News article: Talk of high-speed rail line picking up steam?
(Red Deer Advocate Dec.2013)
       News article: City touting high-speed rail stop at downtown station
(Red Deer Advocate Jan.2013)
       News article: Fast-tracking bullet train a ticket to nowhere
(Red Deer Advocate Dec.2011)
       Commentary: Steam good alternative for high-speed rail link
(Red Deer Advocate Apr.2011)
       News article: Business officials laud rail proposals
(Red Deer Advocate Apr.2011)
       News article: Chamber pressing high-speed rail plan
(Red Deer Advocate Jan.2011)
       Editorial: Train's future needs path
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       News article: Project creates issues for rural residents
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       Editorial: High speed rail back on
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Rail plan returns
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Get moving on high-speed rail link: expert
(Red Deer Advocate June 2010)
       News article: Rural groups want high-speed rail study
(Red Deer Advocate March 2010)
       News article: Political will lags behind train debate
(Red Deer Advocate Oct.2009)
       News article: Province offers update on high speed rail (Red Deer Express July 2009)
       News article: Company pushes for high speed rail (Red Deer Express April 2008)
News article: Rail group projects service in five years (Red Deer Advocate April 2008)

News articles about the vision of the Forth Junction Heritage Society

News articles related to the railway heritage of Central Alberta

News articles related to regional railway museums:
       News article: Railway Days still chugging along to success
(Wetaskiwin Times Aug.2013)
       News article: New exhibits call Historical Village home
(Innisfail Province May 2010)
       News article: 'Sleeper' village grand opening set
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
       News article: Alberta Central Train Museum celebrates 17th anniversary (Wetaskiwin Times June 2009)

News articles related to regional historic railway stations:
       News article: Alberta railway stations get a new lease on life
(AgCanada Nov.2013)
       News article: Benalto Train Station returned to hamlet after lengthy journey
(Sylvan Lake News May 2013)
       News article: Riders welcome train station home to Benalto
(Red Deer Advocate Apr.2013)
       News article: Big Valley station banks on restored roof (Stettler Independent Apr.2013)
       News article: Benalto station move delayed (Red Deer Advocate Mar.2013)
       News article: Benalto train station to return home after 42-year absence
(Sylvan Lake News Feb.2013)
       News article: Former Benalto train station donated back to community (Red Deer Advocate Feb.2013)
       Blog: Big Valley Canadian Northern Station Celebrates 100 Years
(RETROactive Sept.2012)
       News article: Historic train station relocated to Beiseker
(Rockyview Weekly July 2012)
       News article: A new face for the old station (Red Deer Life July 1996)

News articles related to regional railway heritage preservation:
       News article: Heritage projects share grant funding
(Red Deer Advocate July 2013)
       News article: Relic caboose gets new home
(Red Deer Advocate May 2013)
       News article: Rail link effort chugging along
(Red Deer Advocate May 2013)
       News article: Track for historic railway tours likely to be done by late summer
(Red Deer Advocate June 2011)
       News article: Rail being laid for heritage line
(Red Deer Advocate Sept.2010)
       News article: Stettler group wants to convert grain elevator into museum
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
       News article: Train track wanted
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
       News article: County heritage project a first for Alberta
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2010)
       News article: Major funding will restore rail line to Donalda
(Stettler Independent Oct.2009)

News articles related to regional model and miniature railways:

       News article: Trains still roll for some
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2012)
       News article: Back yard model railway track okayed
(Red Deer Advocate Aug.2012)
       News article: Stay busy, stay young: Fred Freschette (Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       News article: A work in two golden ages: Ernie Beskowiney (Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: New exhibits call Historical Village home (Innisfail Province May 2010)
       News article: 'Sleeper' village grand opening set
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)

News articles related to transit heritage:
       News article: Newest city ghost unveiled downtown
(Red Deer Express May 2012)
       News article: Ghost unveiled
(Red Deer Advocate May 2012)
       News article: Classic bus cruises city streets
(Red Deer Advocate June 2011)
       News article: Transit to retire last low-floor vehicle
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2011)
       News article: Parkade named Sorensen Station
(Red Deer Express June 2010)
       News article: Downtown parkade to be named after transportation pioneer Gordon Sorensen                                                                                                                
(Red Deer Advocate June 2010)
       News article: Rare GM public bus saved by city bus man
(Red Deer Express Dec.2009)

News articles related to regional trail development including rail-trails:
Commentary: Preservation Opportunity Not to be Lost
(Innisfail Province & Red Deer Advocate June 2015)
       News article: Red Deer County seeks partners to afford bridge access
(Mountain View Gazette Apr.2012)
       News article: County council looks at bridge as tourist attraction
(Red Deer Advocate April 2012)
       News article: Plans for Mintlaw Bridge waiting on public feedback
(Mountain View Gazette Feb.2012)
       News article: City council adopts river valley plan
(Red Deer Express July 2010)
       News article: Building trails to paradise (Red Deer Advocate March 2009)
       News article: Clearwater County calls on province for advice about trail (Red Deer Advocate April 2008)
       Editorial: On the trail of a worthy plan (Red Deer Advocate Sept.2005)

News articles related to historic downtown Red Deer redevelopment
(the original vision of the Forth Junction Heritage Society included an attraction in the new downtown
Riverlands but this vision was modified to have one destination close to the city and active rail line):

       Commentary: The Greater Downtown Action Plan progress and potential (Red Deer Express May 2013)
       News article: Riverlands development ready for debate
(Red Deer Advocate Sep.2011)
       News article: Railyards: Open house on a 20-year plan for downtown
(Red Deer Advocate June 2011)
       News article: Riverlands: Strong turnout for open house
(Red Deer Advocate March 2011)
       Commentary: Red Deer could use more bold visionary landmark designers
(Red Deer Express Sep.2010)
       News article: Paths to change (Rotary Recreation Park) (Red Deer Advocate Aug.2010)
       Editorial: Time for downtown vision
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Big expectations for downtown Red Deer (Red Deer Advocate June 2009)
       News article: Chance of a lifetime (Red Deer Advocate Jan.2009)
       Editorial: No San Antonio but hope left for Big Wow (Red Deer Express Nov.2008)
       News article: Canal plan jettisoned (Red Deer Express Nov.2008)
       News article: Red Deer - Alberta's next great city (Red Deer Express July 2008)

Historian Michael Dawe articles related to transportation history in Central Alberta

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