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News articles about the vision of the
Forth Junction Heritage Society:

Railway museum project eyes private collection
Dec. 24, 2016, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley) & Jan. 5, 2017, Central Alberta Life
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has given a boost to a local group's dream of a building a Central Alberta transportation park. Forth Junction Heritage Society has been working behind the scenes since 2009 to get a project rolling for an interpretive heritage, facility activity, and nature park, to be built around a rail, trail and transit theme. Then they got word that Saskatchewan railway collector Gary Southgate was looking for a (more)

World-class destination centre still in the works
Penhold's Paul Pettypiece says dream of the Forth Junction Project is an issue of timing
Dec. 3, 2013, Innisfail Province (Sylvia Cole), online Nov. 19, 2013
Although on a bit of a hiatus, the Forth Junction Project is still a go, says Penhold's Paul Pettypiece. "The dream isn't lost, it's just a matter of timing," said Pettypiece, president of the Forth Junction Heritage Society during an interview last week. The society has big plans to create a world-class destination in Central Alberta that would preserve and share the transportation heritage of the region. The planned Transpo Centre is a multi-phase (more)

Our View (Editorial)

Praise today's big dream
Railway concept captures region's uniqueness
Jan. 12, 2012, Innisfail Province (Johnnie Bachusky), Jan. 19, 2012, Olds Albertan
It would be easy to dismiss the ambitions of Paul Pettypiece's Forth Junction Heritage Society project for central Alberta as over the top and unachievable. Certainly, the scope of the plan is enormous. If realized it would cover an area of at least 40 acres, with one part being a Western Canada Transpo Centre that will include a "grand" central gathering place, a multi-level retail centre, heritage plaza and a historical model rail museum.

Railway dream shifts to county
Forth Junction targets county

Heritage society envisions rural locale to showcase past and future glories of railway and ground transportation

Dec. 27, 2011, Mountain View Gazette (2-page article by Johnnie Bachusky)

Impatient with the City of Red Deer's timelines to redevelop its Riverlands District, the Forth Junction Heritage Society is now targeting up to nine sites in Red Deer County for the main location of its ambitious dream to transform the region into a world-class heritage tourism destination point. The plan now is to secure a site of at least 40 acres within 20 kilometres of the City of Red Deer and the CPR main line, the latter being (more)

Forth Junction pulling toward a new station
Dec. 2, 2011, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
A Central Alberta group of railroad and transit buffs are keeping the wheels turning on their dream project of creating a transportation-themed tourist attraction. For the Forth Junction Heritage Society, that has meant switching gears and dropping a proposal to locate a major attraction combining historical interpretation, dining, retail, amusement park and entertainment in Red Deer's Riverlands area. Society president Paul Pettypiece
Volunteer profile
A volunteer on the right track

Dec. 2010, We Mean Business (Rob Gilgan, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce)
The signature on an email from Paul Pettypiece reads: 'Sustainable future, respectful past'. Far from an empty slogan, it's a snapshot of how the Chamber volunteer manages his life. When the Chamber developed policy committees in 2006, Paul was a member of two of them: Transportation, and Civic Affairs, which he also chaired.
While the focus of the transportation policy committee was broad and included highway, rail and air, the

Forth Junction
Tourism board supports rail project
Oct. 28, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
Tourism Red Deer is giving an initial stamp of approval to a Red Deer group's proposal for a children's theme park and group transportation museum in the largely undeveloped district of Riverlands. Executive director Darren Kuz said the tourism board met earlier this month with Paul Pettypiece, president of Forth Junction Heritage Society, to hear the group's dreams for tourist attractions in the city and Red Deer County that embrace a railway (more)

Forth Junction rail project seeking charitable status
Oct. 27, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
A Central Alberta group eager to make Red Deer's railroad history into a tourist attraction is in the final stages of applying for charitable status. Forth Junction Heritage Society president Paul Pettypiece said he hopes to have the application filed this week with Revenue Canada. The society wants to become a registered charity so it can begin fundraising for the project that's expected to take millions of dollars in donations and government (more)

Forth Junction

Rail tourist attraction idea gets rolling
July 31, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
A proposed major tourist attraction focused on the railways and ground transportation is gathering some steam in Red Deer, says the president of the Forth Junction Heritage Society. Paul Pettypiece said the society is getting interest about its proposed project that is expected to take 20 years to develop. Members have been circulating their message around through word of mouth since earlier this year. This fall, Forth Junction will
Railway heritage
Lots of train history here in Central Alberta, say enthusiasts
June 14, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley) & June 17, 2010, Central Alberta Life
Like many who have set down roots in Red Deer, the area's natural beauty was a major draw for Paul Pettypiece. But there was something else that caught his eye when he moved to the city in 1973 from Manitoba, after discovering he hated (the traffic congestion of) his intended destination of Calgary. "I was really fascinated by the railway heritage," he said. "It's always been somewhat of an interest, but it really peaked when I

Our Opinion (Editorial)

New idea for Riverlands worth an Olympic cheer
Feb. 24, 2010, Red Deer Express (Johnnie Bachusky) 
While Olympians continue their quest for glory this week in Vancouver, there are those in this city and region quietly moving forward with dreams of their own. Before the recession dropped like a bomb in late 2008 Red Deer was positioning itself for an exciting and prosperous future with ambitious Olympian-like plans for the Riverlands that featured a canal-driven development concept with an ultimate goal of making the city a major (more)

Our View (Editorial)
One-time opportunity
Feb. 8, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Greg Neiman)  
Let's set aside throne speeches, Parliaments, taxes and frozen windrows of snow for a while and think about something really important: a model rail museum and theme park for Riverlands. The first time you hear of a tourism-themed idea like this, the normal reaction is: "What the heck are you thinking about?" If the idea cannot climb over that first reaction, it is dead. Witness the proposal for a set of canals running through the
Happy to hear more talk on large scale attractions

Feb. 5, 2010, Red Deer Advocate online blog (Leo Pare) & print edition Feb. 10, 2010
Since the canals project dried up in late 2008, there hasn't been much talk around Red Deer's future as a tourism destination. The Advocate recently posted an online poll which revealed readers' dismal evaluation of our tourism appeal. Online commenters fiercely debated Red Deer's ups and downs. Some touted amenities like camp sites, rec facilities, and natural landscape -- all of which are tremendous community assets to be sure -- but
Tourism proposal facing obstacles
Transportation theme park must capture attention of public
Feb. 5, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
The toughest task facing a group trying to develop rail- and transportation-themed tourist attractions for the Red Deer area will be getting the proposal moving, predicted a local businessman who previously pitched canals to put the city on the map. "They're very difficult," said Ken Mandrusiak of ambitious tourist concepts. "It's like starting a train. Once you get going, you can create some momentum." A local group called Forth Junction
World-class attraction proposed for Riverlands

Forth Junction idea as theme park based on model train village
Feb. 4, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester)
World-class attractions focused on railway and other ground transportation are being promoted for sites in downtown Red Deer and Red Deer County by a group that has been working quietly for a year on the vision. Forth Junction Heritage Society hopes to turn Red Deer into a major tourist destination that would include shops, a children's theme park and a ground transportation museum in the heart of Riverlands. Visitor

News articles related to the railway heritage of Central Alberta
News articles related to current rail projects & model rail in Central Alberta
News articles related to alternate transportation (transit, high speed rail, trails)

News articles related to historic downtown Red Deer redevelopment
(the original vision of the Forth Junction Heritage Society included an attraction in the new downtown
Riverlands but this vision was modified to have one destination close to the city and active rail line):

       Commentary: The Greater Downtown Action Plan progress and potential (Red Deer Express May 2013)
       News article: Riverlands development ready for debate
(Red Deer Advocate Sep.2011)
       News article: Railyards: Open house on a 20-year plan for downtown
(Red Deer Advocate June 2011)
       News article: Riverlands: Strong turnout for open house
(Red Deer Advocate March 2011)
       Commentary: Red Deer could use more bold visionary landmark designers
(Red Deer Express Sep.2010)
       News article: Paths to change (Rotary Recreation Park) (Red Deer Advocate Aug.2010)
       Editorial: Time for downtown vision
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Big expectations for downtown Red Deer (Red Deer Advocate June 2009)
       News article: Chance of a lifetime (Red Deer Advocate Jan.2009)
       Editorial: No San Antonio but hope left for Big Wow (Red Deer Express Nov.2008)
       News article: Canal plan jettisoned (Red Deer Express Nov.2008)
       News article: Red Deer - Alberta's next great city (Red Deer Express July 2008)

News articles related to regional railway heritage preservation:
       News article: Alberta railway stations get a new lease on life
(AgCanada Nov.2013)
       News article: Heritage projects share grant funding
(Red Deer Advocate July 2013)
       News article: County heritage project a first for Alberta
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2010)

News articles related to regional model and miniature railways:

       News article: Trains still roll for some
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2012)
       News article: Back yard model railway track okayed
(Red Deer Advocate Aug.2012)
       News article: Stay busy, stay young: Fred Freschette (Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       News article: A work in two golden ages: Ernie Beskowiney (Red Deer Advocate July 2010)

News articles related to regional trail development including rail-trails:
       News article: City council adopts river valley plan
(Red Deer Express July 2010)
       News article: Building trails to paradise (Red Deer Advocate March 2009)
       News article: Clearwater County calls on province for advice about trail (Red Deer Advocate April 2008)
       Editorial: On the trail of a worthy plan (Red Deer Advocate Sept.2005)

Historian Michael Dawe articles related to transportation history in Central Alberta

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