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The Vision of a World-Class Heritage Destination
       Heritage Rail Park Concept

            Plan for the Re-Creation of the C&ER Museum
            Innisfail Concept
            Springbrook Concept
       Ultimate Vision
Railway Station Architecture
            Proposed Railway Station Heritage Resort

 Historical Miniature Rail Exhibits Project
        The Concept
            Other world-class model railway museums
            Innisfail Historical Model Rail Exhibit
            1892 - The beginning of a regional distributioin centre
            1913 - The headiness of rapid expansion; building the ACR & CNWR
            1939 - The glory days of passenger service; preparation for war
            1955 - A year of transition and change
            1967 - Canada's centennial train
            1985 - End of passenger trains; Modernization and rail relocation
            2005 - Alberta's centennial; further change

Historical Perspective             
       Part 1 - Trails and Trains

       Part 2 - Trains and Transit
       100 Year Milestones 1910-1913
       The Calgary and Edmonton Trail
Railways of Central Alberta
       Calgary and Edmonton Railway
       Calgary and Edmonton Railway at Red Deer
       Alberta Central Railway - Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House
       Canadian Northern Western Railway Brazeau Subdivision - Mirror to Nordegg
       Canadian Northern Railway in Central Alberta - Camrose to Drumheller
       Canadian National Railway in downtown Red Deer 1920-1960
       Grand Trunk Pacific Railway - Mirror to Three Hills
       Lacombe and Blindman Valley Electric Railway - Lacombe to Rimbey
Trains and Infrastructure
       Rise and Fall of Passenger Rail in the C & E Corridor
       Jubilee 3001 'The Chinook'
       History of Railway Motive Power in Central Alberta
       History of Structures Used by Railways in Central Alberta
Railway Stations
       Railway Stations Once the Focal Point of Western Canadian Communities
       Mackenzie and Mann influenced Central Alberta's first combination railway stations
       Most communities once had portable stations for a time
       Red Deer once had four railway stations
       Red Deer 1910 CPR station 'jewel' still dominates Ross Street
       Canadian Pacific Railway Stations of Central Alberta
       Canadian National Railway Stations of Central Alberta
       Multiple Station Communities
Railway Bridges
       ACR/CPR Mintlaw Steel Trestle
       Railway Bridges of Central Alberta
                  Alberta's largest railway bridges
                  Largest Railway Bridges in Western Canada
       Evolution of Transit in Central Alberta
       Red Deer Transit

Preservation of Regional and Ground Transportation Heritage
       Current Rail Heritage Preservation
       Historic Railway Icons of the City of Red Deer
       Historic Railway Icons of Red Deer County
       Historic Railway Icons of Central Alberta
       The development of railway and transit themes in downtown Red Deer
       Rails to Trails
       Proposed Forth/Tuttle-Mintlaw-Sylvan Lake Corridor Recreation Linear Park

Media News
     The vision and progress of the Forth Junction Heritage Society - headlines & links
     The railway heritage of Central Alberta - headlines & links
          Canadian Pacific Railway (Central corridor - original Calgary & Edmonton Railway) - articles
          Canadian Pacific Railway (West Central - original Alberta Central Railway) - articles
          Canadian Pacific Railway ACR Mintlaw Trestle - articles
          Canadian Pacific Railway ACR Benalto Station - articles
          Canadian National Railway (Central) - articles
          Former Canadian National Railway (East Central) - articles
     Green transportation: transit, biking and high speed rail - headlines & links
          Transit and regional bus service - articles
          Pioneer trails, rail trails and active transportation - articles
          Future high speed rail and rapid public transportation - articles
     Recent rail development and redevelopment projects - headlines & links
          Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals - articles
          Downtown Red Deer Redevelopment from Railyard Relocation - articles
     Regional history, heritage and culture - headlines & links
          Red Deer (including Red Deer & District Museum) - articles
          Innisfail (including Innisfail Historical Village) - articles
          Central Alberta (including local indigenous history & pre-1900 settlement) - articles
     Tourism, regional destinations and miniature worlds - headlines & links
          Miniature Worlds and Model Rail - articles
          Tourism & Current Destinations - articles
          Proposed Future Destinations - articles


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