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Forth Junction Project
About the Society

Forth Junction Project Vision Sharing Historical Perspective Ground Transportation
Heritage Preservation
Forth Junction
Heritage Society

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The Forth Junction Heritage Society

is a Registered Charitable Society under the Alberta Societies Act
and the Canada Revenue Agency

Forth Junction banner used at public events
Board of Directors 2018-19:
Paul Pettypiece (President), Evan Bedford (Secretary),
Richard Astle (Vice-President), Steve Parkin (Treasurer),
Directors: Brian McLoughlin, Roy Sirman

To be Central Alberta's world class heritage destination celebrating the past, present and future of trails, trains and transit.

To preserve, promote and share the transportation heritage of our community and region; and to pass that heritage to future generations in a sustainable and interactive way through education, advocacy and nurturing a passion for the continuous evolution of trail, rail and transit.

Collaboration, History, Education, Sustainability

1. to educate the public on the evolution of the railway, historic trails and transit in the settlement and development of Western Canada through workshops, displays, and interactive interpretation;
2. to preserve the trail, rail and transit heritage of Central Alberta through the acquisition, preservation and restoration of railway and other ground transportation artifacts.

The Forth Junction Heritage Society was created by a group of railway and transit historians, model railroaders and transportation visionaries in the spring of 2009 to:
- promote the concept of the Red Deer region as a world-class centre for
   the  celebration of the railway as a catalyst for economic development of
   regions in Western Canada;

Forth Junction display at Supertrain Calgary 2010- advocate for the creation of a world-class
   authentic and sustainable major attraction
   with a railway theme in the immediate Red Deer area;
- preserve the rail, trail and transit heritage of Central Alberta;
Forth Junction display at Supertrain Calgary 2010- create a multi-scale miniature
   rail interactive representation
   of the evolution of the city
   and region as changes
   occurred in technology,
   prosperity, values and world
- explore how future transportation can move people efficiently in an
   environmentally-friendly, healthy and productive manner;
- advocate for the creation of a family heritage activity and nature park
   as a fun and educational place to gather and explore.

A big thank you to

Now-closed C&E Railway Station Museum in south Edmontonfor the gifting of the 200+ item collection of the now-closed
Calgary & Edmonton Railway Station Museum
to the Forth Junction Heritage Society in September 2018

This collection will be carefully stored until the Society can find or build a facility to exhibit and interpret the artifacts and the history of the Calgary & Edmonton Railway (1890 to 1907) in an appealing way as part of a transportation-themed group of attractions in a family-oriented rail park
in the immediate Red Deer area.

A big thank you
for a $2,950 Community Culture Opportunities Grant through the City of Red Deer
for the transfer and storage of the 200+ item collection of the now-closed
Calgary & Edmonton Railway Station Museum
to the Forth Junction Heritage Society in September 2018

Poster #1 of a limited-print series being sold at $10Please Donate to the
Forth Junction Project

using your Paypal account or favourite credit card (click on the donate button right), any amount you wish and indicate which project you would prefer the donation to go to from the following (if no project is indicated, the donation will go to General):
  - General Start up Costs
  - Studies - Feasibility, management, environmental, traffic, etc.
  - Calgary & Edmonton Railway Museum Development
  - Community Heritage Rail Park Development
You will receive a tax-deductible receipt in the mail.

The poster pictured to the left is the first of a planned series of limited-print 13"x19" posters (developed by Brian McLoughlin) being sold to raise funds for the objectives of the Forth Junction Heritage Society. Only 100 of each will be printed and are being sold at $10 each. Contact Paul at for availability.


Major Donations to FJHS to date: the 200+ item C&E Railway Station Museum collection from the Junior League of Edmonton in Sept. 2018; $2,950 Cultural Opportunities Grant from the City of Red Deer for the transportation and storage of the C&E Railway Station Museum collection Sept. 2018.
This collection is currently in storage and will remain so until a suitable facility can be found or built.
Contributors to FJHS: abc Restaurant (meeting space), Skip Fuller (switch lock), Evan Bedford (cash), Lawrie Hignell (cash), David Craig (cash), Morris Flewwelling (museum manual), Olive Iddiols (telegraph equipment), RD County Div.2 Recreation & Culture Board (contribution), Red Deer Archives (access to historic photos), Calgary Supertrain 2010, 2011 & 2012 (contribution), The Hub on Ross (meeting space), Fun Times Hobby (discount on supplies), Enderby BC Museum (original section of C&E rail)

Letters of Support:
Tourism Red Deer, Central Alberta Historical Society, Red Deer County, Springbrook Community Association

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AGM 2010 Progress Report

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