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  CPR station, freighthouse, park 1912 - RD Archives P8737

Forth Junction Project 
Ultimate Concept for

Forth Junction
Heritage Rail Park and Tourism Zone

Forth Junction Project Vision Sharing Historical Perspective Ground Transportation
Heritage Preservation
Forth Junction
Heritage Society

Forth Junction Park Concept

Railway Station Architecture

Future Historical Miniature Rail Exhibits

Ultimate Vision

Ultimate Vision for a partnered and blended
heritage transportation-themed tourism development
Ultimate Rail Park Vision with complementary tourism zone - Pettypieceupdated September 2022
(photo descriptions and credits at bottom of page)

The Forth Junction visionary strategy includes an educational heritage rail park, operated by the Forth Junction Heritage Society, and a commercial or semi-commercial tourism zone with a transportation heritage theme, operated a society, municipality, corporation, entrepreneur or land developer.

3 major components
are envisioned as part of this development:  

- Roundhouse interpretive
   conference community centre, 
- Railway station heritage resort,
- Elevated iconic restaurant

The proposed Roundhouse Interpretive
Community and Tourist Conference Centre

Red Deer CPR roundhouse 1912 - Red Deer Archives P3907Although the municipality or developer of this feature will determine its use, size and design, it is envisioned to be a fun, interactive, multi-function, community and visitor landmark gathering place for various activities including regional and community events, family events, cultural events, entertainment, conferences and meetings as well as transportation displays showcasing restored railway equipment and artifacts. It could include a market, boutiques, gift shops, cafe and other types of facilities. And it could replace some elements of the proposed Heritage Rail Park.

If created as envisioned, it could be Western Canada's only Community Entertainment Centre based on Rail, Transit & Trail Heritage.

Built to its maximum potential, it could include some of the following major components:
stylized roundhouse at 3 Valley Gap BC 2014 - Pettypiece
The Roundhouse Gathering Hall

   large round 2- or 3-storey, multi-functional community
   gathering place and the focal point of the tourism development
   and could include:
         - Indoor Turntable (operational or as a design element)
      - Dual Atrium Entranceway with Water Feature
        - The Classic Railway Diner/Cafe

CPR Royal Hudson display at West Coast RM Squamish 2016 - Pettypiece

 Trains, Trails, Transit Heritage Exhibits
        featuring the role of trails, trains and transit in the prairie
        economy from 1885 extending into the future, it could
        replace some aspects of the proposed heritage rail park
        and exhibits would be supplied by the Forth Junction
        Heritage Society, with attractors that could include:
         - Transit and surface transportation heritage displays
        - Heritage events or market plaza

         - An exhibit exploring future sustainable transportation

RD seminar 2015 - Pettypiece 
Market & Meeting Service Centre

     featuring catering, market, boutiques, cafe, meeting spaces

 Human Mobility Amusement and Activity Park
     indoor year-round entertainment and education theme park

 Tour depot
     a transportation hub for regional cultural and historical tours

Iconic observation elevated restaurant
        either part of the structure or in close proximity, this could be the iconic feature of the development  
        overlooking the natural and built landscape including the Forth Junction Heritage Rail Park and the active
        railway adjacent to it.

varied architectural representations of regional railway stations - PettypieceRailway station heritage resort
If created as envisioned with a series of replicated railway stations that once dotted most communities in Central Alberta, it would be Canada's only heritage multi-railway-station cabin-style accommodation village with a choice of up to 22 unique architectural styles. The smaller stations could be for single family stays while the larger ones could be used as bed and breakfasts or multi family overnight or seasonal lodging.
proposed Railway Station Heritage Resort

The replication of several regional railway stations for overnight lodging will be a unique experience in Canada and create economic benefits for the region

The Railway Station Heritage and Lodging Village is a concept that features stations that serve as both historic representations of the variety that once existed in Central Alberta and economic generators that help keep the development and possibly the adjoining Forth Junction Heritage Rail Park self-sufficient.

In addition to lodging, some of the replicated stations could include some specialty uses such as conference rooms, retail gift shops or stores, refreshments, administration or community facilities.


Railway stations of the region that may be replicated:

CPR early #2 station Penhold or Blackfalds - cPettypiece- stations of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway
   and branchlines:

original 1891 Red Deer CPR wood combination station and freight house (similar to Innisfail, Olds, Ponoka and first Lacombe station); CPR standard #2 station representative of Blackfalds, Penhold and Bowden; CPR standard #10 station representative of Alix and the first Stettler and Camrose stations.
CPR std A3 station at Lochearn/Rocky Mtn House - cPettypiece

- stations of the Alberta Central Railway

ACR 1910 Red Deer; CPR standard #14A station at Sylvan Lake (similar to Benalto station); CPR standard #A3 station at Rocky Mountain House (Lochearn)
Red Deer CNR station 1923 - cPettypiece

- stations of the Canadian Northern Western Railway and CNR

unique CNR special station Red Deer; CNoR third class station plan 29 representative of Sylvan Lake, Eckville, Prentiss and Donalda; CNoR third class station plan 75 at Nordegg
Mirror CNR/GTP station - cPettypiece

- stations of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway

GTP special station Mirror; GTP Type E station representative of Ardley, Delburne, Huxley and Bashaw.


- RV Park and Campground to complement the Railway Station Resort

Optional rail loop and rail connection
Although it would be nice to have if there is sufficient space and funds, a rail loop and direct rail connection
are not necessary for the park to function. A rail loop to run full size trains would require a more-or-less square 40 acre site. A direct rail connection would facilitate getting acquired or borrowed rolling stock on site, trucking in those artifacts would likely be less costly than building a rail connection.

Ultimate Rail Park Vision with complementary developments - Pettypiece
Adaptability of
business model


The Forth Junction Heritage Society invites developers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and like-minded non-profit organizations to partner with us to realize this vision as the Society does not and will likely not have in the future the resources to do so on its own.

Two zone tourism model
Two separate zones, one controlled by the Society as an educational heritage park and the other controlled by a commercial tourism entity. The commercial zone could be adjacent to the park or in the central portion of the parcel while the non-profit park surrounds it.

Blend of park, heritage, commercial and tourism facilities model
A developer creates the framework and markets the land to include a blend of commercial and tourism facilities with rail and transportation themes interspersed with park and heritage facilities.
West Coast Railway Museum exhibit & event building 2016 - Paul PettypieceBlend of heritage rail park and
industrial rail park model

An industrial park with rail facilities for businesses that need small or limited access to the rail network with rail extension into a heritage rail park operated by the Forth Junction Heritage Society along with other tourism entities.

Municipal or corporate park model
A municipality or corporation owns the land and encourages non-profit entities including the Forth Junction Heritage Society and entrepreneurs to provide heritage and tourism facilities.

West Coast Railway Museum station kitchen 2016 - Pettypiece 
Multi-stakeholder village model

A historical village operated by several non-profit and commercial entities that includes a variety of historical interpretive facilities including an area dedicated to rail and transportation history operated by the Forth Junction Heritage Society.


Accommodation model
Short or long term accommodations in up to 22 different replicated railway station designs complemented by rail and transportation themed facilities, museums and interpretive centers operated by the Forth Junction Heritage Society. A campground, RV park, hotel and conference centre could be operated by commercial or non-profit entities.

The proposed rail park and tourism development at completion
styized roundhouse interior at 3 Valley Gap 2014 - Pettypiecewill create a unique experience that values family recreational activity, the natural environment and the transportation heritage of Central Alberta in order to interpret, demonstrate and display the relationship between built and natural environment as it relates to the evolution of ground transportation in Western Canada combining a family-oriented non-profit rail park with semi-commercial tourism facilities.

Inspiration for the overall rail park and tourism development has come from several sources including Heritage Park in Calgary, West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish BC, 3 Valley Gap near Revelstoke BC, Cranbrook BC History Centre (formerly the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel), Exporail in Montreal, B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD


Bowden CPR #2 station at Innisfail Historical Village 2009 - PettypieceThe Forth Junction Heritage Society has reviewed many rail parks and rail museums and has taken inspiration from several of them, some within Alberta and others well outside.

Our desire is to not duplicate these facilities but to learn from them to facilitate the creation of a unique attraction with a unique combination of facilities.
Alberta Central Railway Museum near Wetaskiwin 2009 - PettypieceSome excellent attractions within Alberta that we have taken inspiration from include the Alberta Central Railway Museum near Wetaskiwin, Innisfail Historical Village, Alberta Prairie Rail Excursions at Stettler, Heritage Park in Calgary, Fort Edmonton Park, the Alberta Railway Museum north of Edmonton, Aspen Crossing at Mossleigh and Galt Historic Railway Park south of Lethbridge.
We see these attractions complementary to our own vision and we encourage you to visit these other great parks.

Outside of Alberta, inspiration has come from the West Coast Railway Heritage Park at Squamish, 3 Valley Gap near Revelstoke, the Revelstoke Railway Museum, Canadian Museum of Rail Travel at Cranbrook and Fort Steele in B.C. as well as Exporail in Montreal, Winnipeg Railway Museum, Toronto Railway Museum, B&O Railway Museum in Baltimore, MD, EnterTrainment Junction in Cincinnati, OH, Railraod Park Resort in Dunsmuir, CA, and San Diego CA Model Railroad Museum.

Photo descriptions and credits:
Header photo: CPR Red Deer station, freighthouse, garden 1912 (Red Deer Archives P8737);
Concept plan for Forth Junction Heritage Rail Park and complementary tourism zone (Paul Pettypiece);
Red Deer CPR roundhouse 1912 (Red Deer Archives P3907);
Stylized roundhouse at 3 Valley Gap BC (Paul Pettypiece 2014);
CPR Royal Hudson 2860 locomotive indoors at West Coast Railway Museum (Paul Pettypiece 2016);
Seminar in Red Deer (Paul Pettypiece 2015);
Graphic of several Central Alberta railway stations (Paul Pettypiece);
Graphic of proposed railway station resort (Paul Pettypiece);
Rendering of Penhold or Blackfalds CPR early #2 station (Paul Pettypiece);
Rendering of Rocky Mountain House/Lochearn CPR A3 station (Paul Pettypiece);
Rendering of Red Deer downtown CNR station (Paul Pettypiece);
Rendering of Mirror GTR/CNR special type E station (Paul Pettypiece);
Concept plan for 2-3 zone rail heritage themed development (Paul Pettypiece);
Exhibit and event building at West Coast Railway Museum (Paul Pettypiece 2016);
Station kitchen at West Coast Railway Museum (Paul Pettypiece 2016);

Interior of stylized roundhouse at 3 Valley Gap (Paul Pettypiece 2014);
Bowden CPR #2 station at Innisfail Historical Village (Paul Pettypiece 2009);
Alberta Central Railway Museum near Wetaskiwin (Paul Pettypiece 2009).


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