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  ACR pier at Taylor Drive

Forth Junction Project
A Vision for a World-Class Destination by
Thinking Big and Bold

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Forth Junction
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Forth Junction Park Concept

Western Canada Transpo Centre

Historical Miniature Rail Museum

Railway Station Heritage Resort

Forth Junction Project
is a bold visionary concept proposed by the Forth Junction Heritage Society to establish a world-class visitor and community destination in the immediate Red Deer area to celebrate the past, present and future of trails, trains and transit in an interactive and entertaining way for all members of the family to enjoy.

The Vision of the Forth Junction Project
by the Forth Junction Heritage Society

For the past few years, the Forth Junction Heritage Society has been developing a concept plan to celebrate the impact to Central Alberta of ancient and pioneer trails, the railway and transit with a special emphasis on the evolution of the many railway lines that developed the region.

An essential element of the plan is a family and community heritage park with a variety of attractions and features so that residents want to visit the park on multiple occasions and the park would become a tourist magnet.

The following principles and requirements have been established by the Society for the creation of this unique park:

The plan needs to be bold and bigger than most current railway heritage facilities in order to establish an attraction that would have an impact on the economic development of the region;

It needs to be in or close to Red Deer to get the maximum draw from the Highway 2 corridor and attract sufficient volunteers and employees;

It needs to be visually attractive with a recognizable focal point and plenty of green space;

All unrestored equipment needs to be hidden from public view to avoid a "junkyard" appearance and all restored equipment needs to be showcased in a protective indoor environment;

It needs to be reasonably close to an active railway line for equipment access and to attract rail fans and rail photographers;

It needs to be attractive to all family members including those who are not particularly interested in rail or transit heritage;

It needs to be self-supporting once built requiring the establishment of several income generators;

The site needs to be large enough to support a full-size railway loop.

A unique opportunity was presented recently to develop an integrated partnership with a collector of a large roster of railway equipment. This has the potential to create a synergy that bolsters the overall concept of the heritage park. He is looking at the Red Deer area as a central location to bring his scattered collection together in order to consolidate and display it to a large population base with good access and visibility. However, this is a limited-time opportunity which creates an element of urgency as he needs to find a location soon.

Adaptable site plans featured on this page represent two possible locations for the Forth Junction Park. Graphics by Paul Pettypiece

Primary features of the Forth Junction Project (at full build-out) are:

proposed Forth Junction Transpo Park site plan
      Forth Junction Community Heritage Park
         to interpret, demonstrate and display the relationship between built and
         natural environment as it relates to the evolution of ground transportation
         in Western Canada

Proposed railway station and transit heritage park      
       which includes the
     Railway Station Heritage Resort

       a proposal for Canada's only Heritage Railway Multi-Station
       Accommodation Village

Proposed Western Canada Transpo Centre floorplan
The Roundhouse Conference Centre

           a proposal for Canada's only Ground Transportation Themed Family
           Entertainment-Heritage-Retail Gathering Centre to be located close to an
           active railway line at or near Red Deer, Alberta

Proposed interactive historical model rail museum
    Historical Model Rail Interpretive Centre
      to accurately represent, in miniature, the evolution of the railway in the
      development of Red Deer and Central Alberta in an interactive multi-scale,
      multi-era operating historical model rail exhibit

steam 6060 at Big Valley
Transit Museum and Regional Tour Depot
         that highlight the evolution of Red Deer Transit and other bus services in the
         region as well as a depot for regional cultural and historic tours

Additional objectives of the Society include:
former ACR Mintlaw trestle across Red Deer River
    Public access to the historic ACR Mintlaw steel railway trestle

   and its designation as a historic resource with an interpretive centre

abandoned ACR-CPR right-of-way   

    Red Deer to Sylvan Lake Linear Park

    using the former Alberta Central Railway (CPR) right of way between Forth
    (south Red Deer) and/or Tuttle (near Gasoline Alley) via the Mintlaw Trestle

steam 6060 at Big Valley

Regional Trail, Rail and Transit Heritage Self-Guided Tours

that highlight the region's transportation heritage value in the settlement and
development of Western Canada by collaborating with current heritage groups and sites

CPR Jubilee F2 semi-streamlined locomotive
   1/8 Scale Operating Model of Jubilee 4-4-4 3001 'The Chinook'
    an accurate replication of one of only 5 high-speed semi-streamlined CPR passenger
   steam engines of its class built, none of which survived

Canadian National Red Deer station

   the research, compilation and publishing of the

   Trail, Rail and Transit History of Central Alberta

    that interprets the evolution of historic trails, the railways and transit of the region
    as representative of the settlement and economic development of Western Canada

Note: The Forth Junction Heritage Society's primary purposes are education and preservation of the history of railways, transit and pioneer trails as they have evolved in Central Alberta. This includes the creation and promotion of the vision and concept for the Forth Junction Project and its elements but not necessarily its implementation and physical development.
Activities and implementation that go beyond the primary objectives of the Society (education and preservation) are envisioned to be administered by a not-for-profit corporation, municipality or multi-organization authority.

The Vision and Objectives of the Forth Junction Project
as determined by the Society Board at a strategic planning retreat in January 2011:
- establish Red Deer as a transportation and culture themed world class community and visitor destination
 celebrating the role and evolution of trails, trains and transit in the settlement and economic development of
  Western Canada;
- co-ordinate the various transportation and cultural heritage icons and attractions of Central Alberta for
  integrated guided tours;
- promote the creation of interactive and multi-media representations of the past, present and future of
  trails, trains and transit in Central Alberta;
- promote the development of a sustainable transportation-focused heritage and entertainment centre as a
  Red Deer area landmark community gathering and visitor building at or close to a significant railway
  historic site or an active railway;
- promote the development of an interactive, fun and educational transportation-themed nature and heritage
   resort and park
that includes the replication of several railway station designs as overnight accommodation
  and other uses located close to active railways, the regional trail system, natural areas and heritage sites;
- establish Canada's largest interactive historical miniature railway museum that recreats historic
  milestones and period infrastructure to visually demonstrate the evolution of the role of railways in the
  economic development of the Red Deer region;
- advocate for a pedestrian and bicycle trail system using abandoned railway rights of way;

- arrange for a 1/8 scale replication of the unique semi-streamlined Jubilee F2a locomotive 3001 that once
  headed the fast 'Chinook' Calgary-Edmonton passenger train;
- investigate possible sites for the project with sufficient land to accommodate future opportunities for
  attracting restored artifacts, an operating railroad and national travelling transportation exhibits.

All aspects of the Forth Junction vision are compatible with and complimentary to the following existing adopted plans:
              - The Red Deer River Valley and Tributaries Park Plan;
              - The Red Deer County Open Spaces Master Plan;
              - The Mintlaw Bridge Public Access Strategy


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