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Transit to retire last high-floor vehicle
reprinted from Red Deer Advocate February 15, 2011
Red Deer Transit will soon be entirely wheelchair accessible.

The last high-floor bus, a 1980 GMC model, will be retired this week. In its place will be the newest bus on city streets, a 2010 New Flyer model.

Steve Parkin, transit facilities superintendent with the City of Red Deer, said this changeover marks a milestone in Red Deer's transit history.

"The old buses served us extremely well but the benefits of the newest buses are many and not just for transit riders," he said.

The newer buses use clean diesel technology so emissions are greatly reduced, improving air quality.

Seventy-per-cent of Red Deer Transit's fleet uses clean diesel. The 2010 buses remove particulate matter emissions by more than 90 per cent compared with the older buses they replace.

The low-floor buses help customers to board and allow them to leave the bus more quickly and more safely than from buses with steps. A ramp at the front door and a kneeling feature will accommodate customers with reduced mobility, as well as people with strollers.

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