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Forth Junction Project
Celebrating the Evolution
of Rails, Trails and Transit
in regional development

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Downtown Themes,
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The Forth Junction Heritage Society

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100 Year Milestones

Alexander Way banner downtown Red Deer
'The Arches' project downtown Red Deer
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Core Objectives of the
Forth Junction Heritage Society:

- to be Central Alberta's world class heritage destination celebrating the past, present and future of trails, trains and transit.

Mission Statement:

- to preserve, promote and share the transportation heritage of our community and region; and to pass that heritage to future generations in a sustainable and interactive way through education, advocacy and nurturing a passion for the continuous evolution of trails, rails and transit.

Core Objectives (Purposes):

1. to educate the public on the evolution of the railway, historic trails and transit in the settlement and development of Western Canada through workshops, displays, and interactive interpretation;

a) Develop miniature educational historical interpretive displays to represent the evolution of the city and region as physical development and economic changes occurred during critical times of change.
- create modular representations of historic transportation themes and landmarks;
- build a working replication in 1/8 scale of the historic Jubilee F2 locomotive 3001 that once represented high speed rail between Edmonton and Calgary;
- create a historic miniature railway centre that would house museum-quality interpretive and interactive representations of the evolution of the city and region in a variety of time scenarios including 1892, 1913, 1939, 1955 and 1985.

b) Promote the exploration of how changes in technology, prosperity, values and world events may affect the future of transportation.
- advocate for the concept of a rapid transportation corridor linking Red Deer with the cities of Edmonton and Calgary, and regional transit initiatives that use efficient and environmentally-sensitive technologies;
- work with organizations including Red Deer College to create an interpretive centre that demonstrates the changes in values and technology as the growth and prosperity of the region evolved and as transportation technology evolves in the future;
- the construction of a miniature representation of how the future of rail transportation could evolve as part of a historic miniature railway centre.

c) Provide educational workshops to the general public on the skills required to create interpretive displays.
- create a model craftsman studio and workshop open to the general public, with emphasis on youth, that demonstrates and involves hands-on instruction of miniature representations of landscapes, structures and transportation models that include the development of skills in planning, carpentry, electronics, scratch-building and other crafts.

2. to preserve the trail, rail and transit heritage of Central Alberta through the acquisition, preservation and restoration of railway and other ground transportation artifacts.

a) Advocate for, assist and actively participate in the preservation of trail, rail and transit heritage of Central Alberta including the replication of significant historical features that no longer exist.
- co-ordinate with historic sites, museums, societies and activities to develop regional walking and driving heritage tours that could include existing heritage facilities in Stettler, Big Valley, Innisfail, Delburne, Sylvan Lake, Wetaskiwin and Red Deer;
- publish a book on the history of trails, trains and transit of Central Alberta.

b) Develop a Trails, Rails and Transit Heritage Centre or series of interpretive centres, focused on preservation, interactive interpretation and education, to be located preferably, but not necessarily, between downtown Red Deer and the historic Mintlaw trestle.
- purchase or lease property for a sustainable heritage centre, preferably within the context of a major year-round heritage-entertainment-gathering complex that could include a retail component, restaurant and indoor theme park operated by other entities, in or close to downtown Red Deer near the site of the former railway yards or close to the historic former rail right of way of the Alberta Central Railway;
- work toward creating overall transportation themes that include representation of First Nations modes of travel and historic trails;
- maintain involvement in the process of downtown redevelopment and encourage the Greater Downtown Action Plan Committee to develop a theme around transportation including rails, trails and transit.

Acquire, refurbish, restore, replicate, display and interpret railway and other ground transportation artifacts.
- replicate a variety of typical railway stations that once existed in Central Alberta for a variety of uses to maintain a sustainable and self-supporting heritage park;
- create a transit-themed building to store and display historic transit vehicles;
- acquire and display various transportation artifacts, photographs, maps, historic documents and other memorabilia that once represented the growth and development of Western Canada.

d) Support, in principle, the vision of a variety of major visitor and community destinations that are based on a theme around the evolution of the railway, historic trails and transit in the settlement and development of Western Canada.
- purchase or lease property for a family heritage, activity and nature park, preferably close to the city, transportation routes, heritage sites and regional walking trails;
- work with municipalities, including the City of Red Deer and Red Deer County, and organizations, including the Red Deer Downtown Business Association, the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Red Deer, Central Alberta Historical Society, and others, to promote the Forth Junction Project mission statement;
- develop strong community support for the continuation of the transportation theme throughout the city and region already being created by the city's initiatives along Alexander Way and the preservation of the historic CPR railway station and bridge and the county's initiative of preserving the historic Mintlaw trestle, the former Alberta Central Railway's right of way and the historic Calgary and Edmonton Trail.

Collaboration, Integration and Compatibility with other plans

All aspects of the Forth Junction Project vision are compatible with and complimentary to the following existing adopted plans:
              - The Red Deer Greater Downtown Action Plan;
              - The Red Deer River Valley and Tributaries Park Plan;
              - The Red Deer County Open Spaces Master Plan.

There are some conceptual objectives that we, as a society, are advocating but will not develop ourselves, including the regional Transpo Centre shopping mall, the indoor theme park, the observation tower restaurant, the railway station resort, guided bus tours, the future transportation centre and regional marketing.

We foresee that some of these conceptual facilities may be developed in the future by for-profit businesses, not-for-profit businesses, foundations, municipalities and other organizations.

As much as we would like to see these concepts come to fruition in time as a tourism strategy, the fundamental objectives of the Forth Junction Heritage Society are not necessarily dependent on those concepts occurring.

However, if other organizations choose not to pursue our overall vision for major attractors, the society is prepared to work toward modified versions of a theme park, replication of historic railway stations, organized tours and a heritage-based store strictly to raise funds for the society's primary objectives as part of a long-term strategy for heritage preservation, education, celebration and enhanced quality of life for the citizens of Central Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

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