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Forth Junction Heritage Society logo The Forth Junction
Heritage Society

is a Registered Society under the Alberta Societies Act and a Charitable Society under Canada Revenue Agency

Forth Junction display at Supertrain Calgary 2010April 2009 - a group of four local transportation historians and model railroaders meet to form the Forth Junction Heritage Society, temporary Board of Directors elected by acclamation;

May to September 2009 - Several local historians, city and county civic leaders, business leaders and other people of influence are briefed about the preliminary concept of a major tourist attraction based on the railway history of the region with positive encouragement to proceed;

August 2009 - society by-laws finalized, development of comprehensive website begins;

September 2009 - the initial group is joined by transit historians and other interested people expanding executive to seven members, first membership dues collected;

October 2009 - bank account set up;

November 2009 - preliminary business plan created;

December 2009 - Red Deer County agrees to purchase the former ACR Mintlaw steel railway trestle as a historic resource, fulfilling the initial stage of one of the society's objectives;

Forth Junction display at Supertrain Calgary 2010December 2009 - The society receives confirmation of its status as a Registered Society under the Alberta Societies Act;

January 2010 - The society receives a donation of $500 from Red Deer County Division 2 Recreation and Culture Board for start-up expenses; Paypal account set up for website

February 2010 - First print media news articles and commentary on the vision of the society (Red Deer Advocate and Red Deer Express)

April 2010 - Created banner, brochures, historic photo display and model rail module exhibit for participation at Calgary Supertrain, one of Canada's largest model railway shows; membership reaches 12

June & July 2010 - News articles in Red Deer Advocate

September 2010 - Board accepts proposal for $40,000 destination management study by Heritage Collaborative - requests funding from Alberta Tourism

October 2010 - Presentation to Tourism Red Deer resulting in letter of support in principle; display at Red Deer Model Train and Hobby Show; Annual General Meeting with speaker Michael Dawe; membership rises to 21; news articles in Red Deer Advocate

November 2010 - Society president contacted for news articles in Red Deer Advocate and Mountain View Gazette on repairs to Mintlaw trestle

December 2010 - Application to CRA for charitable status submitted, meeting with Alberta Tourism

January 2011 - Strategic planning workshop for society members, membership rises to 23

February 2011 - Informal meeting with Central Alberta Regional Trails Society re options for preservation of and access to Mintlaw trestle and regional trail on former ACR right of way

March 2011 - Changes made to strategic plan and adopted; became member of Red Deer Chamber of Commerce

April 2011 - Participated for 2nd time at Supertrains in Calgary; Heather Shannon creates archives scrapbook for display

June 2011 - Field trip to Mintlaw trestle; meeting with RD Strategies re county study on access and preservation of Mintlaw trestle; letter from Canada Revenue Agency that some of society's objectives do not comply with charitable activities

August 2011 - Field trip to Alberta Central Railway Museum near Wetaskiwin; meeting with Red Deer mayor

September 2011 - Special meeting accepted changes to by-laws and society purposes as required by CRA for charitable status to focus on education and preservation activities; regular meeting held at Innisfail Historical Village; decision made to pursue formation of not-for-profit corporation

October 2011 - 2nd annual Annual General Meeting held at The Hub with speakers Brian McLoughlin and Steve Parkin; participated for 2nd time at Red Deer Model Train & Hobby Show; membership rises to 28; meeting with Red Deer County mayor

November 2011 - Approval of charitable status with Canada Revenue Agency; preliminary legal advice on forming not-for-profit corporation; meetings with Tourism Red Deer, Red Deer County and Heritage Collaborative; received list of various plans for Jubilee 3001 steam locomotive from Canada Science & Technology Museum for future replication

December 2011 - Two page feature in Mountain View Gazette and article in Red Deer Advocate; letter sent to Red Deer County council members re update and request for letter of support; preliminary contact with some landowners re future site

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The Forth Junction Project Powerpoint

Forth Junction Project Proposal Powerpoint Presentation
presented to various groups in the Fall of 2009
(This is a large file, over 5MB, so please be patient as it downloads)

Calgary-Edmonton Corridor Passenger History Powerpoint

History of Passenger Rail in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor Powerpoint Presentation
at Red Deer High Speed Rail Symposium Oct. 14, 2009
(please be patient as it downloads)


Trails of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor Powerpoint

Trails of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor Powerpoint Presentation
at Central Alberta Historical Society Meeting Feb. 17, 2010
(please be patient as it downloads)


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